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Instructions for building with cmake
Make sure you have cmake:
Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt-get install cmake
Other platforms:
To build:
make -f Makefile.cmake
make -f Makefile.cmake install
To run the tests:
make -f Makefile.cmake test
To build the documentation:
make -f Makefile.cmake doc
To read the documentation:
man doc/node.1
To build distro packages (tgz, deb, rpm, PackageMaker):
make -f Makefile.cmake package
To submit test results (see
make -f Makefile.cmake cdash
To submit coverage test results:
make -f Makefile.cmake cdash-cov
To submit valgrind test results:
make -f Makefile.cmake cdash-mem
Using cmake directly:
cd ~/your-node-source-dir
mkdir name-of-build-dir (can be anything)
cd name-of-build-dir
cmake ..
At this point you have generated a set of Makefiles and can use the standard
make commands (make, make install, etc.). The Makefile.cmake file is just a
wrapper around these commands; take a look at it for more details.
Other build targets:
make Experimental
make Nightly
make NightlyMemoryCheck
make Continuous
Additional options:
In the CMakeLists.txt, you'll see things like
option(SHARED_V8, ...). If you want to enable any of those options you can
pass "-DOPTION=True" when running cmake (e.g., cmake -DSHARED_V8=True).
See for more information. For help and discussion
subscribe to the mailing list by visiting or by sending an email to
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