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c-ares version 1.7.4
o local-bind: Support binding to local interface/IPs, see
ares_set_local_ip4, ares_set_local_ip6, ares_set_local_dev
o memory leak in ares_getnameinfo
o add missing break that caused get_ares_servers to fail
o ares_parse_a_reply: fix CNAME response parsing
o init_by_options: don't copy an empty sortlist
o Replaced uint32_t with unsigned int to fix broken builds
on a couple of platforms
o Fix lookup with HOSTALIASES set
o adig: fix NAPTR parsing
o compiler warning cleanups
Thanks go to these friendly people for their efforts and contributions:
Andrew C. Morrow, Ben Greear, Ben Noordhuis, Daniel Stenberg,
Guenter Knauf, Mike Crowe, Patrik Thunstrom, Yang Tse
Have fun!
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