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#ifndef STREAM_WRAP_H_
#define STREAM_WRAP_H_
#include <v8.h>
#include <node.h>
#include <handle_wrap.h>
namespace node {
class StreamWrap : public HandleWrap {
uv_stream_t* GetStream() { return stream_; }
static void Initialize(v8::Handle<v8::Object> target);
// JavaScript functions
static v8::Handle<v8::Value> Write(const v8::Arguments& args);
static v8::Handle<v8::Value> ReadStart(const v8::Arguments& args);
static v8::Handle<v8::Value> ReadStop(const v8::Arguments& args);
static v8::Handle<v8::Value> Shutdown(const v8::Arguments& args);
StreamWrap(v8::Handle<v8::Object> object, uv_stream_t* stream);
virtual ~StreamWrap() { }
virtual void SetHandle(uv_handle_t* h);
void StateChange() { }
void UpdateWriteQueueSize();
static inline char* NewSlab(v8::Handle<v8::Object> global, v8::Handle<v8::Object> wrap_obj);
// Callbacks for libuv
static void AfterWrite(uv_write_t* req, int status);
static uv_buf_t OnAlloc(uv_handle_t* handle, size_t suggested_size);
static void AfterShutdown(uv_shutdown_t* req, int status);
static void OnRead(uv_stream_t* handle, ssize_t nread, uv_buf_t buf);
static void OnRead2(uv_pipe_t* handle, ssize_t nread, uv_buf_t buf,
uv_handle_type pending);
static void OnReadCommon(uv_stream_t* handle, ssize_t nread,
uv_buf_t buf, uv_handle_type pending);
size_t slab_offset_;
uv_stream_t* stream_;
} // namespace node
#endif // STREAM_WRAP_H_
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