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@@ -129,24 +129,34 @@ <h2 class="conferences">Conferences</h2>
the main event in the United States; they are organized by
<a href="">Mikeal Rogers</a>.

<a href="">Node Dublin</a> is a Node
conference in Dublin Ireland, organized by Cian O'Maiden.

<a href="">NodeFest (東京Node学園祭)</a> is
organized by the <a href="">Node.js Japan user

<a href=""></a> in Cologne,
Germany is organized by <a href="">Rails Love</a>.

An <a href="">Italian Node.js
Conference</a> exists as well.

<a href="">Node Summit</a> is a conference
in San Francisco focusing on the adoption of Node in larger

<a href="">JSConf</a> organizes the main
JavaScript conferences.

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