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vcbuild.bat - for building from cmd-line using msbuild

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Igor Zinkovsky authored and ry committed Aug 24, 2011
1 parent 06428d8 commit 19ff87a9db6a2494a63d902ad1ca0199c89ca147
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@@ -0,0 +1,66 @@
@echo off

cd %~dp0

if /i "%1"=="help" goto help
if /i "%1"=="--help" goto help
if /i "%1"=="-help" goto help
if /i "%1"=="/help" goto help
if /i "%1"=="?" goto help
if /i "%1"=="-?" goto help
if /i "%1"=="--?" goto help
if /i "%1"=="/?" goto help

@rem Bail out early if not running in VS build env.
if not defined VCINSTALLDIR goto msbuild-not-found

@rem Process arguments.
set config=Debug
set target=Build
set noprojgen=

if "%1"=="" goto args-done
if /i "%1"=="debug" set config=Debug&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="release" set config=Release&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="clean" set target=Clean&goto arg-ok
if /i "%1"=="noprojgen" set noprojgen=1&goto arg-ok
goto next-arg

@rem Skip project generation if requested.
if defined noprojgen goto msbuild

@rem Generate the VS project.
call generate-projects.bat
if errorlevel 1 goto create-msvs-files-failed
if not exist node.sln goto create-msvs-files-failed

@rem Build the sln with msbuild.
msbuild node.sln /t:%target% /p:Configuration=%config% /clp:NoSummary;NoItemAndPropertyList;Verbosity=minimal /nologo
if errorlevel 1 goto exit
goto exit

echo Failed to create vc project files.
goto exit

echo Failed to build. In order to build the solution this file needs
echo to run from VS command script.
goto exit

echo This script must run from VS command prompt.
echo vcbuild.bat [debug/release] [clean] [noprojgen]
echo Examples:
echo vcbuild.bat : builds debug build
echo vcbuild.bat release bench: builds release build
goto exit


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