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ry committed Sep 15, 2011
2 parents b281171 + 6312e88 commit 1b0a5cbaaa3e576c7759736f94dbbda78aedb6a2
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@@ -536,11 +536,22 @@ int Connection::HandleSSLError(const char* func, int rv) {
static char ssl_error_buf[512];
ERR_error_string_n(err, ssl_error_buf, sizeof(ssl_error_buf));

// XXX We need to drain the error queue for this thread or else OpenSSL
// has the possibility of blocking connections? This problem is not well
// understood. And we should be somehow propigating these errors up
// into JavaScript. There is no test which demonstrates this problem.
while ((err = ERR_get_error()) != 0) {
ERR_error_string_n(err, ssl_error_buf, sizeof(ssl_error_buf));
fprintf(stderr, "(node SSL) %s\n", ssl_error_buf);

HandleScope scope;
Local<Value> e = Exception::Error(String::New(ssl_error_buf));
handle_->Set(String::New("error"), e);

DEBUG_PRINT("[%p] SSL: %s failed: (%d:%d) %s\n", ssl_, func, err, rv, ssl_error_buf);
DEBUG_PRINT("[%p] SSL: %s failed: (%d:%d) %s\n", ssl_, func, err, rv,

return rv;

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