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build: print "not yet implemented" warning on `make install`

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1 parent 8595981 commit 1db9a2adbe5e2509d9fea9299835fc120ad6ba2b @bnoordhuis bnoordhuis committed Nov 23, 2011
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@@ -9,6 +9,9 @@ out/Release/node: all
out/Makefile: node.gyp deps/uv/uv.gyp
+install uninstall:
+ @echo '`make $(@)` is not implemented yet. Bug bnoordhuis about it in #node.js'
rm -rf out

3 comments on commit 1db9a2a

Why can't I make install from source for node v0.6.2, why is it not implemented yet?


bnoordhuis replied Nov 24, 2011

@CarlLee: We're switching build systems. make install works in the v0.6 branch by the way, you're looking at a commit in our master branch.

@bnoordhuis Thanks, I've successfully built and installed node now.

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