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docs: add warning to vm module docs

Add a clear warning about known issues with the module and a pointer to the
GitHub issues list for the module. Describe some of the biggest known issues
with the module.
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# Executing JavaScript

Stability: 3 - Stable
Stability: 2 - Unstable. See Caveats, below.


@@ -10,6 +10,44 @@ You can access this module with:

JavaScript code can be compiled and run immediately or compiled, saved, and run later.

## Caveats

The `vm` module has many known issues and edge cases. If you run into
issues or unexpected behavior, please consult
[the open issues on GitHub](
Some of the biggest problems are described below.

### Sandboxes

The `sandbox` argument to `vm.runInNewContext` and `vm.createContext`,
along with the `initSandbox` argument to `vm.createContext`, do not
behave as one might normally expect and their behavior varies
between different versions of Node.

The key issue to be aware of is that V8 provides no way to directly
control the global object used within a context. As a result, while
properties of your `sandbox` object will be available in the context,
any properties from the `prototype`s of the `sandbox` may not be
available. Furthermore, the `this` expression within the global scope
of the context evaluates to the empty object (`{}`) instead of to
your sandbox.

Your sandbox's properties are also not shared directly with the script.
Instead, the properties of the sandbox are copied into the context at
the beginning of execution, and then after execution, the properties
are copied back out in an attempt to propagate any changes.

### Globals

Properties of the global object, like `Array` and `String`, have
different values inside of a context. This means that common
expressions like `[] instanceof Array` or
`Object.getPrototypeOf([]) === Array.prototype` may not produce
expected results when used inside of scripts evaluated via the `vm` module.

Some of these problems have known workarounds listed in the issues for
`vm` on GitHub. for example, `Array.isArray` works around
the example problem with `Array`.

## vm.runInThisContext(code, [filename])

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