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@@ -164,22 +164,34 @@ that writes to them are usually blocking.
## process.stdin
-A `Readable Stream` for stdin. The stdin stream is paused by default, so one
-must call `process.stdin.resume()` to read from it.
+A `Readable Stream` for stdin.
Example of opening standard input and listening for both events:
- process.stdin.resume();
- process.stdin.on('data', function(chunk) {
- process.stdout.write('data: ' + chunk);
+ process.stdin.on('readable', function(chunk) {
+ var chunk =;
+ if (chunk !== null) {
+ process.stdout.write('data: ' + chunk);
+ }
process.stdin.on('end', function() {
+As a Stream, `process.stdin` can also be used in "old" mode that is compatible
+with scripts written for node prior v0.10.
+For more information see
+[Stream compatibility](stream.html#stream_compatibility_with_older_node_versions).
+In "old" Streams mode the stdin stream is paused by default, so one
+must call `process.stdin.resume()` to read from it. Note also that calling
+`process.stdin.resume()` itself would switch stream to "old" mode.
+If you are starting a new project you should prefer a more recent "new" Streams
+mode over "old" one.
## process.argv

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