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install: fix freebsd man page location

Man pages go into $PREFIX/man on FreeBSD, not $PREFIX/share/man.
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bnoordhuis committed Dec 2, 2012
1 parent 4d0fcd5 commit 22965da799e843525a1146ca37306dc4c740ffc1
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@@ -191,14 +191,18 @@ def files(action):
- action(['doc/node.1'], 'share/man/man1/')
action(['out/Release/node'], 'bin/node')
# install unconditionally, checking if the platform supports dtrace doesn't
# work when cross-compiling and besides, there's at least one linux flavor
# with dtrace support now (oracle's "unbreakable" linux)
action(['src/node.d'], 'lib/dtrace/')
+ if 'freebsd' in sys.platform:
+ action(['doc/node.1'], 'man/man1/')
+ else:
+ action(['doc/node.1'], 'share/man/man1/')
if 'true' == variables.get('node_install_waf'): waf_files(action)
if 'true' == variables.get('node_install_npm'): npm_files(action)

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