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The `repl` command allows you to evaluate code remotely. The `next` command
steps over to the next line. There are a few other commands available and more
to come type `help` to see others.
to come. Type `help` to see others.

### Watchers

You can watch expression and variable values while debugging your code.
On every breakpoint each expression from the watchers list will be evaluated
in the current context and displayed just before the breakpoint's source code

To start watching an expression, type `watch("my_expression")`. `watchers`
prints the active watchers. To remove a watcher, type

### Commands reference

#### Stepping

* `cont`, `c` - Continue execution
* `next`, `n` - Step next
* `step`, `s` - Step in
* `out`, `o` - Step out

#### Breakpoints

* `setBreakpoint()`, `sb()` - Set breakpoint on current line
* `setBreakpoint('fn()')`, `sb(...)` - Set breakpoint on a first statement in
functions body
* `setBreakpoint('script.js', 1)`, `sb(...)` - Set breakpoint on first line of
* `clearBreakpoint`, `cb(...)` - Clear breakpoint

#### Info

* `backtrace`, `bt` - Print backtrace of current execution frame
* `list(5)` - List scripts source code with 5 line context (5 lines before and
* `watch(expr)` - Add expression to watch list
* `unwatch(expr)` - Remove expression from watch list
* `watchers` - List all watchers and their values (automatically listed on each
* `repl` - Open debugger's repl for evaluation in debugging script's context

#### Execution control

* `run` - Run script (automatically runs on debugger's start)
* `restart` - Restart script
* `kill` - Kill script

#### Various

* `scripts` - List all loaded scripts
* `version` - Display v8's version

### Advanced Usage

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