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punycode: replace with Mathias Bynens's implementation

The currently bundled library doesn't pass all the test cases from RFC 3492.
Mathias's library does.

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bnoordhuis committed Nov 11, 2011
1 parent 426298c commit 326b2cb34e27237427fb94c5b9ae4148d10e763d
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  2. +560 −219 lib/punycode.js
@@ -69,7 +69,8 @@ The externally maintained libraries used by Node are:
- lib/buffer_ieee754.js is copyright 2008 Fair Oaks Labs, Inc. and released
under the New BSD license.

- lib/punycode.js is copyright 2011 Ben Noordhuis and released under the MIT license.
- lib/punycode.js is copyright 2011 Mathias Bynens <>
and released under the MIT license.

- tools/gyp GYP is a meta-build system copyright 2009 Google Inc and
licensed under the three clause BSD license. See tools/gyp/LICENSE.

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commented on 326b2cb Nov 11, 2011

For future reference: see issue #2072 for details.

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