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node: don't check return value of unsetenv()

It returns void on some platforms, notably FreeBSD.
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bnoordhuis committed Mar 31, 2012
1 parent d03b80b commit 3f4261276e31e615b32a8bb7c07fc0c177fd3951
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@@ -1880,12 +1880,9 @@ static Handle<Boolean> EnvDeleter(Local<String> property,
HandleScope scope;
#ifdef __POSIX__
String::Utf8Value key(property);
// prototyped as `void unsetenv(const char*)` on some platforms
if (unsetenv(*key) < 0) {
// Deletion failed. Return true if the key wasn't there in the first place,
// false if it is still there.
return scope.Close(Boolean::New(getenv(*key) == NULL));
if (!getenv(*key)) return False();
unsetenv(*key); // can't check return value, it's void on some platforms
return True();
String::Value key(property);
WCHAR* key_ptr = reinterpret_cast<WCHAR*>(*key);
@@ -1896,9 +1893,8 @@ static Handle<Boolean> EnvDeleter(Local<String> property,
GetLastError() != ERROR_SUCCESS;
return scope.Close(Boolean::New(rv));
return True();
// It worked
return v8::True();

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