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test: rebuild keys without asking for password

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AelMalinka authored and bnoordhuis committed Apr 29, 2012
1 parent 75c6255 commit 4e4860579e7852666a761184c69b02e9a8f7af58
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@@ -120,13 +120,15 @@ ca2-crl.pem: ca2-key.pem ca2-cert.pem ca2.cnf
openssl ca -revoke agent4-cert.pem \
-keyfile ca2-key.pem \
-cert ca2-cert.pem \
-config ca2.cnf
-config ca2.cnf \
-passin 'pass:password'
openssl ca \
-keyfile ca2-key.pem \
-cert ca2-cert.pem \
-config ca2.cnf \
-gencrl \
-out ca2-crl.pem
-out ca2-crl.pem \
-passin 'pass:password'

rm -f *.pem *.srl ca2-database.txt ca2-serial

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