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openssl: disable HT sidechannel attack mitigation

It used to be off before. It's extremely unlikely that such an attack
would be a viable attack against node. And it makes AES much slower.
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1 parent d2fb507 commit 66638a4435b5ccd46277019fea58794f04c82deb @piscisaureus piscisaureus committed with isaacs
4 deps/openssl/openssl/crypto/aes/asm/
@@ -2054,8 +2054,8 @@ ()
&test ($s2,15);
&jnz (&label("slow_way"));
if (!$x86only) {
- &bt (&DWP(0,$s0),28); # check for hyper-threading bit
- &jc (&label("slow_way"));
+ #&bt (&DWP(0,$s0),28); # check for hyper-threading bit
+ #&jc (&label("slow_way"));
# pre-allocate aligned stack frame...
&lea ($acc,&DWP(-80-244,"esp"));
4 deps/openssl/openssl/crypto/aes/asm/
@@ -1674,8 +1674,8 @@ ()
jb .Lcbc_slow_prologue
test \$15,%rdx
jnz .Lcbc_slow_prologue
- bt \$28,%r10d
- jc .Lcbc_slow_prologue
+ #bt \$28,%r10d
+ #jc .Lcbc_slow_prologue
# allocate aligned stack frame...
lea -88-248(%rsp),$key

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