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Remove pthread-win32 from license file (no longer using it)

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ry committed Sep 15, 2011
1 parent 3e66780 commit 763059ee093f1d1aa50d587f2410ea67ca7c8753
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@@ -71,13 +71,5 @@ The externally maintained libraries used by Node are:

- lib/punycode.js is copyright 2011 Ben Noordhuis and released under the MIT license.

- deps/pthread-win32/libpthreadGC2.a and
deps/pthread-win32/libpthreadGC2d.a is a POSIX threads library for
Microsoft Windows and is used for the Windows build and statically
linked into the Node executable. This software is freely available at It is Copyright 1998 John E.
Bossom and 1999,2006 Pthreads-win32 contributors and licensed under the
LGPL. See deps/pthread-win32/COPYING.LIB for more details.

- tools/gyp GYP is a meta-build system copyright 2009 Google Inc and
licensed under the three clause BSD license. See tools/gyp/LICENSE.

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