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doc: Fix missing link target to 'https.request()'

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tricknotes authored and isaacs committed Nov 27, 2012
1 parent 122ac4e commit 83161455bd428c8c66befdf7c882a01e6255e3af
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@@ -204,5 +204,6 @@ Global instance of [https.Agent][] for all HTTPS client requests.
[http.Agent]: http.html#http_class_http_agent
[http.request()]: http.html#http_http_request_options_callback
[https.Agent]: #https_class_https_agent
+[https.request()]: #https_https_request_options_callback
[tls.connect()]: tls.html#tls_tls_connect_options_secureconnectlistener
[tls.createServer()]: tls.html#tls_tls_createserver_options_secureconnectionlistener

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