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Buggy connections could crash node.js. Now check connection before se…

…nding data every time

We have our node.js server monitored by monit, however it seems monit is pretty
agressive / quick about closing its connection and thus we've gotten into a
loop of errors like this:

    at #<a ServerResponse>.flush
    at #<a ServerResponse>.sendBody
    at [object Object].json
    at [object Object].[anonymous]
    at [object Object].[anonymous]
    at [object Object].[anonymous]
http.js:353: Socket is not open for writing
      connection.send(out, out.encoding);

Below is a patch that basically cause flushMessageQueue to check the connection
state for each item in the queue rather than just a single time in the
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1 parent ed3602d commit 8489bdbaeb07b18a736a438719adc8837c1908a0 @kvz kvz committed with ry Aug 21, 2009
Showing with 3 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +3 −4 src/http.js
@@ -341,14 +341,13 @@ function createIncomingMessageStream (connection, incoming_listener) {
/* Returns true if the message queue is finished and the connection
* should be closed. */
function flushMessageQueue (connection, queue) {
- if (connection.readyState !== "open" && connection.readyState !== "writeOnly") {
- return false;
- }
while (queue[0]) {
var message = queue[0];
while (message.output.length > 0) {
+ if (connection.readyState !== "open" && connection.readyState !== "writeOnly") {
+ return false;
+ }
var out = message.output.shift();
connection.send(out, out.encoding);

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