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make node.1 depend on make all

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1 parent 4be4b5f commit abd3f8a02abd1cb87fdbf370f51ec3bfbaacfaf3 @kapouer kapouer committed with ry Jul 12, 2010
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@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ doc/api.html: all doc/api.markdown doc/api_header.html doc/api_footer.html
doc/changelog.html: ChangeLog doc/changelog_header.html doc/changelog_footer.html
cat doc/changelog_header.html ChangeLog doc/changelog_footer.html > doc/changelog.html
-doc/node.1: doc/api.markdown
+doc/node.1: doc/api.markdown all
build/default/node tools/ronnjs/bin/ronn.js --roff doc/api.markdown > doc/node.1
website-upload: doc

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