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@@ -306,11 +306,11 @@ The synchronous version of `fs.writeFile`.
### fs.watchFile(filename, [options], listener)
Watch for changes on `filename`. The callback `listener` will be called each
-time the file changes.
+time the file is accessed.
The second argument is optional. The `options` if provided should be an object
containing two members a boolean, `persistent`, and `interval`, a polling
-value in milliseconds. The default is `{persistent: true, interval: 0}`.
+value in milliseconds. The default is `{ persistent: true, interval: 0 }`.
The `listener` gets two arguments the current stat object and the previous
stat object:
@@ -322,6 +322,10 @@ stat object:
These stat objects are instances of `fs.Stat`.
+If you want to be notified when the file was modified, not just accessed
+you need to compare `curr.mtime` and `prev.mtime.
### fs.unwatchFile(filename)
Stop watching for changes on `filename`.

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