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docs: console.log() refer to util.format().

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@@ -9,30 +9,9 @@ Prints to stdout with newline. This function can take multiple arguments in a

console.log('count: %d', count);

The first argument is a string that contains zero or more *placeholders*.
Each placeholder is replaced with the converted value from its corresponding
argument. Supported placeholders are:

* `%s` - String.
* `%d` - Number (both integer and float).
* `%j` - JSON.

If the placeholder does not have a corresponding argument, `undefined` is used.

console.log('%s:%s', 'foo'); // 'foo:undefined'

If there are more arguments than placeholders, the extra arguments are
converted to strings with `util.inspect()` and these strings are concatenated,
delimited by a space.

console.log('%s:%s', 'foo', 'bar', 'baz'); // 'foo:bar baz'

If the first argument is not a format string then `console.log()` prints
a string that is the concatenation of all its arguments separated by spaces.
Each argument is converted to a string with `util.inspect()`.

console.log(1, 2, 3); // '1 2 3'

If formating elements are not found in the first string then `util.inspect`
is used on each argument.
See [util.format()](util.html#util.format) for more infomation.


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