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- reference to OpenSSL
- note about http-parser
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ maintained libraries. The externally maintained libraries used by Node
- v8, located under deps/v8, which is copyrighted by the Google, Inc.
- v8 has an MIT license.
+ v8 has a BSD license.
- libev, located under deps/libev, and libeio, located at deps/libeio.
This code is copyrighted by Marc Alexander Lehmann. Both are dually
@@ -19,7 +19,15 @@ are:
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; authored by Greg Hudson,
Daniel Stenberg and others. Released under an MIT license.
-Other external libraries are my own and all use the same license as Node.
+ - Node, optionally, dynmaically links to OpenSSL, cryptographic software
+ written by Eric Young ( to provide SSL/TLS encryption.
+ OpenSSL is copyrighted by The OpenSSL Project. OpenSSL has a simple
+ Apache-style license. OpenSSL is not included in the Node distribution.
+ See for more information.
+ - HTTP Parser, located at deps/http_parser, is a small C library
+ copyrighted by Ryan Lienhart Dahl and has a MIT license.
Node's license follows:

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