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@@ -1430,7 +1430,39 @@ Each DNS query can return an error code.
- +dns.NOMEM+: out of memory while processing.
- +dns.BADQUERY+: the query is malformed.
+=== Assert Module
+This module is used for writing unit tests for your applications, you can access it with +require("assert")+.
+, expected, message, operator)+::
+Tests if +actual+ is equal to +expected+ using the operator provided.
++assert.ok(value, message)+::
+Tests if value is a +true+ value, it is equivilant to +assert.equal(true, value, message);+
++assert.equal(actual, expected, message)+::
+Tests shallow, coercive equality with the equal comparison operator ( +==+ ).
++assert.notEqual(actual, expected, message)+::
+Tests shallow, coercive non-equality with the not equal comparison operator ( +!=+ ).
++assert.deepEqual(actual, expected, message)+::
+Tests for deep equality.
++assert.notDeepEqual(actual, expected, message)+::
+Tests for any deep inequality.
++assert.strictEqual(actual, expected, message)+::
+Tests strict equality, as determined by bitwise equality operator ( +===+ )
++assert.notStrictEqual(actual, expected, message)+::
+Tests strict non-equality, as determined by bitwise not equal operator ( +!==+ )
++assert.throws(block, error, message)+::
+Expects +block+ to throw an error.
++assert.doesNotThrow(block, error, message)+::
+Expects +block+ not to throw an error.

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