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piscisaureus authored and ry committed Jan 19, 2011
1 parent 4475b76 commit f0bf325495e127936c6d52b76cce44dd2b71ab2f
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is 'cmd' and it works a little differently. Maybe add an option to
specify the shell to exec()?
-- Stdio (make TTY's / repl / readline work)
- This will be hard: there is no ANSI escape code support in windows.
- Select() doesn't work on TTYs -- use a dedicated `getchar()` thread
- that relays everything to an internal socket?
- Also verify writeError and isStdoutBlocking correctness.
+- Make colorful util.inspect work on windows.
+- Stdio: support passing sockets between master/child process
+ Normal windows applications wouldn't like this, but it can be useful for
+ communication between node processes. This requires
+ stdio.isStdinBlocking/isStdoutBlocking to be smarter.
- Skip/fix tests that can never pass on windows

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