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@@ -427,6 +427,34 @@ you need to compare `curr.mtime` and `prev.mtime`.
Stop watching for changes on `filename`.
+###, [options], listener)
+Watch for changes on `filename`, where `filename` is either a file or a
+directory. The returned object is [fs.FSWatcher](#fs.FSWatcher).
+The second argument is optional. The `options` if provided should be an object
+containing a boolean member `persistent`. The default is `{ persistent: true }`.
+The listener callback gets two arguments `(event, filename)`. `event` is either
+'rename' or 'change', and `filename` is the name of the file which triggered
+the event.
+Providing `filename` argument in the callback is not supported
+on every platform (currently it's only supported on Linux and Windows). Even
+on supported platforms `filename` is not always guaranteed to be provided.
+Therefore, don't assume that `filename` argument is always provided in the
+callback, and have some fallback logic if it is null.
+'somedir', function (event, filename) {
+ console.log('event is: ' + event);
+ if (filename) {
+ console.log('filename provided: ' + filename);
+ } else {
+ console.log('filename not provided');
+ }
+ });
## fs.Stats
Objects returned from `fs.stat()` and `fs.lstat()` are of this type.
@@ -501,3 +529,24 @@ Returns a new WriteStream object (See `Writable Stream`).
some position past the beginning of the file. Modifying a file rather
than replacing it may require a `flags` mode of `r+` rather than the
default mode `w`.
+## fs.FSWatcher
+Objects returned from `` are of this type.
+#### watcher.close()
+Stop watching for changes on the given `fs.FSWatcher`.
+#### Event: 'change'
+`function (event, filename) {}`
+Emitted when something changes in a watched directory or file.
+See more details in [](
+#### Event: 'error'
+`function (exception) {}`
+Emitted when an error occurs.

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