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1 parent 9bea4c8 commit fa7dcbec8be1332f16e62675203598f4bb15645c @ry ry committed Oct 29, 2010
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  2. 0 {bin → tools}/node-waf
@@ -319,6 +319,7 @@ install: all
$(INSTALL) -d -m 755 '$(PREFIX)/lib/node/wafadmin/Tools'
$(INSTALL) tools/wafadmin/*.py '$(PREFIX)/lib/node/wafadmin'
$(INSTALL) tools/wafadmin/Tools/*.py '$(PREFIX)/lib/node/wafadmin/Tools'
+ $(INSTALL) tools/node-waf '$(PREFIX)/bin'
# $(INSTALL) doc/node.1 '$(PREFIX)/share/man/man1/'
libnode-static: $(builddir)/libnode.a
File renamed without changes.

1 comment on commit fa7dcbe


Some things that worked before, now wont build. It seems that this happens with all projects on C.

This patch (from the issue above) helps:

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