Commits on Dec 6, 2013
  1. @orangemocha @trevnorris

    debug: connect after child is ready

    We now wait to connect to the debuggee until we know that its error
    stream has data, to ensure that the output message "connecting..... ok"
    appears after "Debugger listening on port xyz"
    I also increased the test timeout to let the more complex tests finish
    in time on Windows
    This change fixes the following unit tests on Windows:
    orangemocha committed with trevnorris Dec 6, 2013
  2. @indutny
  3. @indutny @tjfontaine

    tls: fix handling of asterisk in SNI context

    Wildcard server names should not match subdomains.
    Quote from RFC2818:
       ...Names may contain the wildcard
       character * which is considered to match any single domain name
       component or component fragment. E.g., * matches but
       not f*.com matches but not
    fix #6610
    indutny committed with tjfontaine Dec 5, 2013
  4. @bnoordhuis @trevnorris

    build: add libicu i18n support

    Adds a --with-icu-path= switch to the configure script.  Requires that
    the user checks out the copy of libicu that's bundled with chromium to
    a fixed directory.  It's still a little rough around the edges but it
    Fixes #6371.
    bnoordhuis committed with trevnorris Nov 21, 2013
Commits on Dec 5, 2013
  1. @orangemocha @tjfontaine

    lib: child_process spawn handle ENOENT correctly

    child_process spawn wasn't handlig ENOENT correctly on Windows.
    This is half a fix for test-child-process-cwd.js.
    The other half is going into libuv.
    orangemocha committed with tjfontaine Dec 4, 2013
Commits on Dec 2, 2013
  1. @indutny

    Merge branch 'v0.10'

    indutny committed Dec 2, 2013
  2. @indutny

    tls: reset NPN callbacks after SNI

    SNI callback selects a new SSL_CTX for the connection, which doesn't
    have NPN callbacks set up.
    indutny committed Nov 22, 2013
  3. @tjfontaine

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/v0.10'

    tjfontaine committed Dec 1, 2013
  4. @tjfontaine

    build: include postmortem symbols on linux

    Previously we were building the symbols, but the linker was garbage
    collecting the symbols because they weren't used. Inform the linker
    that we want to keep all symbols from v8 around.
    tjfontaine committed Dec 1, 2013
Commits on Nov 30, 2013
  1. @yorkie @bnoordhuis
Commits on Nov 28, 2013
  1. @mridgway @bnoordhuis
  2. @seishun @bnoordhuis
Commits on Nov 27, 2013
  1. @indutny @tjfontaine

    http: fix parser double-free in _http_client.js

    HTTP Parser instance was freed twice, leading to the reusal of it
    in several different requests simultaneously.
    The flow:
    `socketCloseListener` is firing, which calls `` to flush
    any queued data, `socket.buffer` has data which emits and fires
    `socketOnData` in sync, this triggers a parser error which frees the
    parser, `socketCloseListener` resumes execution only to have the wrong
    parser associated with the socket.
    The fix is to only cache the parser after the flushing from the socket,
    and to assert in `socketOnData` that `socket === parser.socket`
    fix #6451
    indutny committed with tjfontaine Nov 27, 2013
  2. @orangemocha @tjfontaine
  3. @indutny

    openssl: more asm

    indutny committed Nov 24, 2013
  4. @bnoordhuis

    stream_wrap: don't call Number::New()

    Replace call to Number::New() with a call to Integer::NewFromUnsigned().
    Profiling a Real World(TM) application with perf(1) suggests that the
    conversion of its argument from integer to double is disproportionally
    costly: over 60% of CPU cycles accountable to WriteStringImpl() are
    attributable to the conversion.
    After changing it to Integer::NewFromUnsigned(), WriteStringImpl()
    has dropped from the 'most costly functions' top ten altogether.
    bnoordhuis committed Nov 27, 2013
Commits on Nov 26, 2013
  1. @tjfontaine
  2. @isaacs

    blog: npm outage postmortem

    isaacs committed Nov 26, 2013
  3. @bnoordhuis

    tls: add serialNumber to getPeerCertificate()

    Add a 'serialNumber' property to the object that is returned by
    tls.CryptoStream#getPeerCertificate().  Contains the certificate's
    serial number encoded as a hex string.  The format is identical to
    `openssl x509 -serial -in path/to/certificate`.
    Fixes #6583.
    bnoordhuis committed Nov 25, 2013
Commits on Nov 25, 2013
  1. @TooTallNate

    util: Format negative zero as '-0'

    Format negative zero as '-0' instead of as '0', as it does not behave
    identically to positive zero. ((-0).toString() still returns '0' as
    required by ES5
    Fixes nodejs/node-v0.x-archive#6548.
    Closes nodejs/node-v0.x-archive#6550.
    David Chan committed with TooTallNate Nov 20, 2013
Commits on Nov 23, 2013
  1. @bnoordhuis

    v8: unbreak freebsd build

    bnoordhuis committed Nov 23, 2013
  2. @vkurchatkin @trevnorris

    node: fix removing AsyncListener in callback

    context._asyncQueue shouldn't be exposed as asyncQueue, as it allows
    modification of queues already attached to an event. Which is not
    supposed to happend. Instead context._asyncQueue should be copied.
    vkurchatkin committed with trevnorris Nov 21, 2013
  3. @LinusU @bnoordhuis

    doc: clarify child_process error behaviour

    Clarify that an 'error' event may or may not be followed by an 'exit'
    event and that it's not safe to make assumptions either way.
    LinusU committed with bnoordhuis Nov 21, 2013
Commits on Nov 22, 2013
  1. @jmar777 @bnoordhuis

    events: fix TypeError in removeAllListeners

    Check that `listeners` is actually an array before trying to manipulate it
    because it won't be if no regular event listeners have been registered yet
    but there are 'removeListener' event listeners.
    jmar777 committed with bnoordhuis Nov 22, 2013
Commits on Nov 21, 2013
  1. @trevnorris

    node: allow nextTick infinite recursion

    Removing the depth counter while processing the nextTickQueue made it
    possible to run out of memory if in an infinite recursive loop using
    nextTick(). There was also an edge case where too many callbacks were
    pushed onto the nextTickQueue, while not actually being recursive.
    This is being done to prevent possible cryptic FATAL ERROR messages from
    popping up, and issues being posted about them.
    trevnorris committed Nov 21, 2013
  2. @tjfontaine

    blog: Post for v0.11.9

    tjfontaine committed Nov 20, 2013
  3. @tjfontaine

    Now working on 0.11.10

    tjfontaine committed Nov 20, 2013
  4. @tjfontaine
  5. @tjfontaine

    2013.11.20, Version 0.11.9 (Unstable)

    * uv: upgrade to v0.11.15 (Timothy J Fontaine)
    * v8: upgrade to (Timothy J Fontaine)
    * buffer: remove warning when no encoding is passed (Trevor Norris)
    * build: make v8 use random seed for hash tables (Ben Noordhuis)
    * crypto: build with shared openssl without NPN (Ben Noordhuis)
    * crypto: update root certificates (Ben Noordhuis)
    * debugger: pass on v8 debug switches (Ben Noordhuis)
    * domain: use AsyncListener API (Trevor Norris)
    * fs: add recursive subdirectory support to (Nick Simmons)
    * fs: make non-recursive by default (Ben Noordhuis)
    * http: cleanup freeSockets when socket destroyed (fengmk2)
    * http: force socket encoding to be null (isaacs)
    * http: make DELETE requests set `req.method` (Nathan Rajlich)
    * node: add AsyncListener support (Trevor Norris)
    * src: remove global HandleScope that hid memory leaks (Ben Noordhuis)
    * tls: add ECDH ciphers support (Erik Dubbelboer)
    * tls: do not default to 'localhost' servername (Fedor Indutny)
    * tls: more accurate wrapping of connecting socket (Fedor Indutny)
    tjfontaine committed Nov 20, 2013
Commits on Nov 20, 2013
  1. @tjfontaine

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/v0.10'

    tjfontaine committed Nov 20, 2013
  2. @isaacs

    npm: Upgrade to v1.3.15

    isaacs committed Nov 20, 2013
  3. @tjfontaine

    child_process: deliver ENOENT on nextTick

    After the uv upgrade, uv_spawn will now fail faster for certain
    failures like ENOENT. However, our tests and other people may be
    depending on that error being passed to the callback instead of a
    tjfontaine committed Nov 20, 2013
  4. @tjfontaine

    uv: upgrade to v0.11.15

    tjfontaine committed Nov 20, 2013
  5. @trevnorris

    asyncwrap: add missing TryCatch

    The TryCatch was not being checked after calling the unload asyncQueue
    callback in AsyncWrap::MakeCallback.
    trevnorris committed Nov 19, 2013
Commits on Nov 19, 2013
  1. @bnoordhuis