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Tag: v0.4.0
Commits on Feb 10, 2011
  1. @ry

    Bump version to v0.4.0

    ry authored
  2. @creationix @ry

    Add support for mutable/implicit headers for http.

    creationix authored ry committed
    This works for both ServerResponse and ClientRequest.
    Adds three new methods as a couple properties to to OutgoingMessage objects.
    Tests by Charlie Robbins.
    Change-Id: Ib6f3829798e8f11dd2b6136e61df254f1564807e
  3. @postwait @ry

    TLS: CRL support

    postwait authored ry committed
    Needs more tests.
  4. @mikeal @ry

    Add 'pipe' event

    mikeal authored ry committed
  5. @piscisaureus @ry

    Follow-up fix for v8 cygwin build

    piscisaureus authored ry committed
  6. @piscisaureus @ry

    V8 cygwin support

    piscisaureus authored ry committed
  7. @ry

    fix verifier.verify() docs

    ry authored
    Thanks Sitelier. Closes GH-651.
  8. @ry

    New DTrace probes from CA team

    ry authored
  9. @ry
  10. @ry

    TLS: handle cert chains

    ry authored
  11. @ry

    Edit module docs

    ry authored
  12. @isaacs @ry

    Document module loading

    isaacs authored ry committed
Commits on Feb 9, 2011
  1. @piscisaureus @ry
  2. @isaacs @ry

    Better assert in the node_modules tests

    isaacs authored ry committed
  3. @isaacs @ry

    node_modules module lookup, +docs and test.

    isaacs authored ry committed
  4. @ry
  5. @ry

    Upgrade V8 to 3.1.2

    ry authored
  6. @ry
  7. @ry
  8. @piscisaureus @ry

    Fix fs.realpathSync on windows

    piscisaureus authored ry committed
  9. @piscisaureus @ry

    Windows: child process fixes

    piscisaureus authored ry committed
  10. @ry
  11. @isaacs @ry

    Support caching for realpath, use in module load

    isaacs authored ry committed
    This adds support for a cache object to be passed to the
    fs.realpath and fs.realpathSync functions.  The Module loader keeps an
    object around which caches the resulting realpaths that it looks up in
    the process of loading modules.
    This means that (at least as a result of loading modules) the same files
    and folders are never lstat()ed more than once.  To reset the cache, set
    require("module")._realpathCache to an empty object.  To disable the
    caching behavior, set it to null.
  12. @ry
Commits on Feb 8, 2011
  1. @piscisaureus @ry

    Don't make unnecessary getcwd calls from path.resolve

    piscisaureus authored ry committed
  2. @ry
  3. @ry

    tls fixes

    ry authored
Commits on Feb 7, 2011
  1. @piscisaureus @ry

    Fix dns on windows

    piscisaureus authored ry committed
  2. @ry
  3. @isaacs @ry

    Closes GH-609 Support array-ish args to Buffer ctor

    isaacs authored ry committed
    Any array-ish thing (whether a Buffer, an Array, or just an object with
    a numeric "length") is interpreted as a list of bytes.
  4. @isaacs @ry

    Support octal strings for modes

    isaacs authored ry committed
    This allows the various fs utilities and process.umask to be used in
    ECMAScript 5 Strict Mode, where the octal literal format is verboten,
    without requiring users to litter their code with a bunch of parseInt
  5. @ry
  6. @kkaefer @ry

    UCS-2 support

    kkaefer authored ry committed
    Closes GH-644.
  7. @ry

    Impove fs.WatchFile doc

    ry authored
  8. @russellhaering @ry

    http: fix buffer writes to outgoing messages

    russellhaering authored ry committed
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