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Commits on Jan 24, 2013
  1. @isaacs

    2013.01.24, Version 0.9.8 (Unstable)

    isaacs committed
    * npm: Upgrade to v1.2.3
    * V8: Upgrade to
    * streams: Support objects other than Buffers (Jake Verbaten)
    * buffer: remove float write range checks (Trevor Norris)
    * http: close connection on 304/204 responses with chunked encoding (Ben Noordhuis)
    * build: fix build with dtrace support on FreeBSD (Fedor Indutny)
    * console: Support formatting options in trace() (isaacs)
    * domain: empty stack on all exceptions (Dave Olszewski)
    * unix, windows: make uv_*_bind() error codes consistent (Andrius Bentkus)
    * linux: add futimes() fallback (Ben Noordhuis)
  2. @isaacs

    npm: Upgrade to v1.2.3

    isaacs committed
  3. @isaacs

    V8: Reapply floating patches

    isaacs committed
  4. @isaacs

    V8: Upgrade to

    isaacs committed
  5. @indutny @isaacs
  6. @isaacs
  7. @isaacs
  8. @Raynos @isaacs

    streams: Support objects other than Buffers

    Raynos committed with isaacs
    We detect for non-string and non-buffer values in onread and
    turn the stream into an "objectMode" stream.
    If we are in "objectMode" mode then howMuchToRead will
    always return 1, state.length will always have 1 appended
    to it when there is a new item and fromList always takes
    the first value from the list.
    This means that for object streams, the n in read(n) is
    ignored and read() will always return a single value
    Fixed a bug with unpipe where the pipe would break because
    the flowing state was not reset to false.
    Fixed a bug with sync cb(null, null) in _read which would
    forget to end the readable stream
  9. @bnoordhuis
  10. @bnoordhuis

    http: close connection on 204 and chunked encoding

    bnoordhuis committed
    This is similar to commit 2cbf458 but this time for 204 No Content
    instead of 304 Not Modified responses.
    When the user sends a 204 response with a Transfer-Encoding: chunked
    header, suppress sending the zero chunk and force the connection to
Commits on Jan 23, 2013
  1. @sblom
  2. @trevnorris @bnoordhuis

    buffer: remove float write range checks

    trevnorris committed with bnoordhuis
    Removed range checks when writing float values, and removed a few
    includes and defines. Also updated api docs to reflect that invalid 32
    bit float is an unspecified behavior.
  3. @bnoordhuis

    http: close connection on 304 and chunked encoding

    bnoordhuis committed
    Force the connection to close when the response is a 304 Not Modified
    and the user has set a "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" header.
    RFC 2616 mandates that 304 responses MUST NOT have a body but node.js
    used to send out a zero chunk anyway to accommodate clients that don't
    have special handling for 304 responses.
    It was pointed out that this might confuse reverse proxies to the point
    of creating security liabilities, so suppress the zero chunk and force
    the connection to close.
Commits on Jan 22, 2013
  1. @piscisaureus
  2. @bnoordhuis
  3. @isaacs

    doc: Fix syntax in cluster example code

    Tim committed with isaacs
Commits on Jan 21, 2013
  1. @indutny

    gyp: fix build with dtrace support on FreeBSD

    indutny committed
    Fix undefined reference to `gelf_getsym`... and other undefined symbols
    from libelf, by adding `-lelf` to linker options on FreeBSD.
  2. @indutny

    dtrace: fix generation of v8 constants on freebsd

    indutny committed
    Every constant is certainly 4 bytes now, but freebsd's objdump utility
    prints out odd byte sequences (5-bytes, 6-bytes and even 9-bytes long)
    for v8's data section. We can safely ignore all upper bytes, because all
    constants that we're using are just `int`s. Since on all supported
    platforms `int` is 32bit long (and anyway v8's constants are 32bit too),
    we ignore all higher bits if they were read.
Commits on Jan 19, 2013
  1. @bnoordhuis

    typed arrays: fix DataView endianness regression

    bnoordhuis committed
    Fix an off-by-one error introduced in 9fe3734 that caused a regression
    in the default endianness used for writes in DataView::setGeneric().
    Fixes #4626.
  2. @indutny

    child_process: remove .track option

    indutny committed
    Since net.Server's `connection` property is deprecated now, we don't
    need API to track socket's state to keep `connection`s value up-to-date.
Commits on Jan 18, 2013
  1. @isaacs
  2. @cxreg @isaacs

    domain: empty stack on all exceptions

    cxreg committed with isaacs
    Due to the nature of asyncronous programming, it's impossible to know
    what will run on the next tick.  Because of this, it's not correct to
    maintain domain stack state between ticks
    Since the _fatalException handler is only invoked after the stack is
    unwound, once it exits the tick will end.  The only reasonable thing to
    do in that case is to exit *all* domains.
  3. @npcode @isaacs

    doc: Add NODE_DEBUG env to the first example.

    npcode committed with isaacs
    The first example in cluster.markdown requires NODE_DEBUG env to show
    debug message.
    And also fix the message because it was a little bit different with
    the actual message.
  4. @isaacs

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'ry/v0.8' into master

    isaacs committed
  5. @isaacs

    blog: Post for v0.8.18 release

    isaacs committed
  6. @isaacs

    Now working on 0.8.19

    isaacs committed
  7. @isaacs
  8. @isaacs

    2013.01.18, Version 0.8.18 (Stable)

    isaacs committed
    * npm: Upgrade to v1.2.2
    * dns: make error message match errno (Dan Milon)
    * tls: follow RFC6125 more stricly (Fedor Indutny)
    * buffer: reject negative SlowBuffer offsets (Ben Noordhuis)
    * install: add simplejson fallback (Chris Dent)
    * http: fix "Cannot call method 'emit' of null" (Ben Noordhuis)
  9. @isaacs

    npm: Upgrade to v1.2.2

    isaacs committed
  10. @isaacs

    Now working on 0.9.8

    isaacs committed
  11. @isaacs

    Merge branch 'v0.9.7-release'

    isaacs committed
  12. @isaacs

    blog: Post for v0.9.7 release

    isaacs committed
  13. @isaacs

    2013.01.18, Version 0.9.7 (Unstable)

    isaacs committed
    * V8: Upgrade to
    * npm: Upgrade to 1.2.2
    * punycode: Upgrade to 1.2.0 (Mathias Bynens)
    * repl: make built-in modules available by default (Felix Böhm)
    * windows: add support for '_Total' perf counters (Scott Blomquist)
    * cluster: make --prof work for workers (Ben Noordhuis)
    * child_process: do not keep list of sent sockets (Fedor Indutny)
    * tls: Follow RFC6125 more strictly (Fedor Indutny)
    * buffer: floating point read/write improvements (Trevor Norris)
    * TypedArrays: Improve dataview perf without endian param (Dean McNamee)
    * module: assert require() called with a non-empty string (Felix Böhm, James Campos)
    * stdio: Set readable/writable flags properly (isaacs)
    * stream: Properly handle large reads from push-streams (isaacs)
  14. @isaacs

    doc: Remove mention of child.send 'track' option

    isaacs committed
    Will be removed very soon.  No point making it public.
  15. @isaacs
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