AssertionError using Websockets / XHR streaming #1069

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We've just updated to the head revision.

After some memory leaks caused by SSL in the last versions, this one seems to be leak-free :)

But we have another bug now using websockets / XHR streaming. We think this is due to commit 75a0cf9

We use websockets and xhr streaming with After a client connects it takes some seconds until our server collapses with the following exception

  throw new assert.AssertionError({
AssertionError: true == false
    at CleartextStream.readyState (net.js:285:25)
    at [object Object].send (/home/kim/se3/node_modules/
    at Object._onTimeout (/home/kim/se3/node_modules/
    at Timer.callback (timers.js:83:39)
ry commented May 19, 2011

Very interesting! Are you able to reproduce this - that would be extremely helpful?

My line numbers don't match - is it this assert?
Why do you think that commit caused the error?


That's the assert, yes.

I think it is that commit because it changed the way streams are closed. Just a hint, I don't know if it is really the bad commit :)


Oh, I can't test if it occures only in SSL but we require an SSL socket, so you need a valid cert for testing.

Just start the app and visit by chrome or firefox. It will log that one socket is connected. Refresh the page = crash

@ry ry closed this in 9c7f89b May 20, 2011
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