EV_MULTIPLICITY: node vs add-ons #1229

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Current master appears to be compiled with EV_MULTIPLICITY and that breaks add-ons at run-time because node-waf passes EV_MULTIPLICITY=0 to g++.

I say at run-time because the add-on compiles fine but crashes when it invokes an ev_*() function that expects a loop pointer as its first argument, like ev_io_start() (it interprets the watcher object as a loop object).

swick commented Jun 25, 2011

it seems like that the segmentation fault only occurs when using fcntl on the descriptor.

mscdex commented Jul 14, 2011

I think I may be running into this issue as well with node-ncurses, although commenting out my calls to fcntl() doesn't help any in my case. Is there a fix for this we can apply, or at least some kind of ifdef blocks to make it work for both node 0.4.x and 0.5.x?

EDIT: nevermind, found the fix.

@ry ry added a commit that closed this issue Jul 14, 2011
@mscdex @ry mscdex + ry Addons should not -DEV_MULTIPLICITY=0
Fixes #1229
Fixes #1332
@ry ry closed this in 6128757 Jul 14, 2011
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