--debug-brk does not work with symbolic links #1519

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nmrugg commented Aug 13, 2011

--debug-brk is treated like --debug when Node runs a script that has a symlink in the path.

So, node --debug-brk /real/path/script.js works properly, but node --debug-brk /symlink/script.js does not.

Tested with v0.5.4-pre.

sh1mmer commented Oct 27, 2011

I can reproduce this on 0.5.11-pre. Trying to figure out a fix, on the surface it seems like node.cc is falling down the right code path.

sh1mmer was assigned Oct 27, 2011

As of node v0.6.8 I can reproduce this bug

@thejh thejh added a commit to thejh/node that referenced this issue Jan 23, 2012

@thejh thejh fixes #1519 80f9ef4

thejh referenced this issue Jan 23, 2012


fixes #1519 #2599

thejh commented Jan 23, 2012

Hmm... that change doesn't work because it breaks extension-autocompletion. Also, I have no idea on how to test it in a fast way - I'd have to test whether a process does not exit, and isaacs said tests shouldn't take more than a dozen milliseconds or so, but here, it seems to take much longer:

[jann@Jann-PC tmp]$ time node test.js

real    0m0.140s
user    0m0.118s
sys     0m0.018s

isaacs commented Jan 23, 2012

The solution for this would appear to require diving into lib/module.js. That is dragon-filled territory, in part due to the very issue that prevented @thejh's elegant patch from succeeding.

This code should probably go where we're loading the main module in lib/module.js

indutny closed this in 27c8572 Jan 24, 2012


indutny commented Jan 24, 2012

Fixed in 27c8572

isaacs commented Jan 25, 2012

Thanks, @indutny!

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