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Buffer momery pool was so inefficent... #2035

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windyrobin commented Nov 7, 2011


the issue 2020 inspires me to have a deep thinking on the this issue,
I'm really sorry for these complains ,but I'm in favor of node,
and I really expect it become better and better ..


For the application users , the default Buffer pool size is 8*1024 and
many Buffer share the same SlowBuffer instatnce:


this.parent = pool;
this.offset = pool.used;
pool.used += this.length;

so only when all Buffers that refer to the same SlowBuffer instance are freed ,the SlowBuffer is freed,
even only a buffer whose length is 1 byte could cause the 8*1024 block persist...


the stream read-buffer-size is 64*1024 ,the code writen in

uv/src/ :

static void uv__read(uv_stream_t* stream) {
 buf = stream->alloc_cb((uv_handle_t*)stream, 64 * 1024);

we use the slab which size is 1024_1024* :

if (slab_v.IsEmpty()) {
     // No slab currently. Create a new one.
    slab = NewSlab(global, wrap->object_);
  } else {
     // Use existing slab.
     Local<Object> slab_obj = slab_v->ToObject();
     slab = Buffer::Data(slab_obj);
     assert(Buffer::Length(slab_obj) == SLAB_SIZE);
     assert(SLAB_SIZE >= slab_used);

     // If less than 64kb is remaining on the slab allocate a new one.
     if (SLAB_SIZE - slab_used < 64 * 1024) {
       slab = NewSlab(global, wrap->object_);
     } else {
       wrap->object_->SetHiddenValue(slab_sym, slab_obj);

  uv_buf_t buf;
  buf.base = slab + slab_used;
  buf.len = MIN(SLAB_SIZE - slab_used, suggested_size);

  wrap->slab_offset_ = slab_used;
  slab_used += buf.len;

  handle_that_last_alloced = reinterpret_cast<uv_stream_t*>(handle);
  return buf;

we all know that 64K is really large for most scenarios ,and the 'nread' is usually very small,
but we only subtract the used size when :

if (handle_that_last_alloced == handle) {
     slab_used -= (buf.len - nread);

this's really a big waste!!


we don't reuse the memory block ,we just new/delete the array :

void Buffer::Replace(char *data, size_t length,
                     free_callback callback, void *hint) {
delete [] data_;
data_ = new char[length_];

I think we should have a deep consideration on memory usage ,
if we had a nice and efficient buffer-memory-pool.
we could get a great lift in socket/file operation performance ...


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tereska commented Nov 16, 2012



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bnoordhuis Nov 17, 2012


Closing, we use an improved slab allocator these days.


bnoordhuis commented Nov 17, 2012

Closing, we use an improved slab allocator these days.

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis closed this Nov 17, 2012

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