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Include npm in .msi and .pkg #2083

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Since when does Node have a .msi and a .pkg?

ry commented

since v0.6.1


Good to know.

Do you think maybe there should be two of each? As in have..

  • node-v0.6.2.msi
  • node-v0.6.2-with-npm.msi
  • node-v0.6.2.pkg
  • node-v0.6.2-with-npm.pkg
ry commented

no - i really dislike having choices when going to download software.


I really dislike before forced to install something unnecessary to install something else that I actually want.

During installation, we could ask if the user would like npm to be installed, and provide a brief description so new comers know what it is.

ry commented

advanced users can download the source code or .exe


What does the msi do exactly except unpack node.exe to a standard spot, and set the PATH variable?

Unless there is included something like a gui for npm, then including it automatically doesn't really gain anything for the new user. He still won't know what it's for or why it's there.

I vote to make a separate msi/pkg for npm instead, and give a brief description so new comers know what it is and where to get it. Or go all out and make an npm gui (as if that will happen), at which point I think you are right to include it with the node install.

I would say a higher priority is to include tools to install node as a service. That is where I had the least guidance as a new node user with Windows.


npm already works on windows?




@herby for a reasonably loose value of "works", yes. ;)


I would appreciate including npm into the .msi and .pkg, because it would simplify the whole process for Windows users to what they are used to. Even developers.

Currently you first need to download Git and some developers might be wondering why they need yet another vcs to use node.

Or there might be some frontend developers that simply want to use Ender or something like that without developing for node and they won't install more than one additional tool for this purpose.

ry commented

This is two thirds complete. NPM was included in b488be1 and make install was supported in 2cd5adc. I'm working on the MSI now.


This sounds great! Do you plan to update node-0.6.2.msi or do we have to wait for 0.6.3?

ry commented

You will have to wait for v0.6.3

@ry ry closed this in e5cf3f9
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@ry ry Fixes #2083. Support installing npm in the .msi 6cb14d9
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