http-parser should pause #220

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ry commented Jul 26, 2010

a test case for the required behavior

josh commented Oct 10, 2010

See #337

ry commented Oct 10, 2010

i plan to fix this with a change to the parser:


bnoordhuis commented Jul 3, 2011

This has been fixed (I think) but interestingly, that test case causes an assertion error in V8.

# Fatal error in /home/bnoordhuis/src/nodejs/node/deps/v8/src/, line 2692
# CHECK(!(isolate)->external_caught_exception()) failed   

==== Stack trace ============================================

Security context: 0x7f3197371251 <JS Object>#0#
    1: ondata [http.js:1019] (this=0x7f31930c7321 <a Socket>>#1#,d=0x7f31930c5ff9 <a Buffer>>#2#,start=0,end=81)
    2: _onReadable [net_legacy.js:683] (this=0x7f31930c7321 <a Socket>>#1#)
    3: callback(aka onReadable) [net_legacy.js:177] (this=0x7f31930c7641 <an IOWatcher>>#3#,readable=0x7f31972fc129 <true>,writable=0x7f31972fc169 <false>)

Probably related to #1191.

koichik commented Jul 4, 2011

This is not fixed yet. I also sent #1040.

ry commented Jul 8, 2011

@pgriess, as of today, is working on a new way of pausing the HTTP parser. Watch for updates.

So looks like it has a fix in v0.8, and this won't function the same in v0.9 once streams2 is merged. Seems to be fixed.

isaacs closed this Dec 6, 2012

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