No Error for Malformed Groups in Regex in REPL #2746

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ghost commented Feb 13, 2012

When the REPL tries to execute a regex which contains a malformed group, it prints the same "..." it would usually print when the input contains a syntax error or is incomplete in itself. e.g.,

> 'hello'.find(/(h/);

This is less a problem when entering it directly in the same line, but it becomes a greater issue when the regex in question is in a called function, which could be in an included module, and runs counter to the usual meaning of "...", which is that immediate input is syntactically incomplete.

> function find_h(s) { return s.find(/(h/); }
> find_h('hello');

Instead it would be much more helpful if it printed an actual error (and stacktrace), something along the lines of what a browser might print, such as the following error message from Chrome:

SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /(h/: Unterminated group

Benvie commented Feb 13, 2012

The problem is likely that while both are syntax errors, a JS syntax error will manifest in a failure during the compile phase while a regex syntax error will compile and fail during execution.

A syntax error in JS will throw during vm.createScript(badCode) where a regex syntax error won't.


bnoordhuis commented Feb 13, 2012

@Benvie: Not quite. V8 reports it as a SyntaxError.

$ node -e '/(/'


SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /(/: Unterminated group
    at new RegExp (unknown source)
    at Object.<anonymous> (eval at <anonymous> (eval:1:82))
    at Object.<anonymous> (eval:1:70)
    at Module._compile (module.js:441:26)
    at startup (node.js:80:27)
    at node.js:551:3

However, this bug is probably not fixable in the REPL. The REPL evaluates the current line after each keystroke in a VM context until it sees a valid expression (i.e. until it doesn't throw a SyntaxError). That approach works reasonably well but it's easily fooled: try entering !;, for example.

Can someone review 4f38a86?

bnoordhuis reopened this Sep 22, 2012

Stupid GitHub closing issues prematurely...

@mortchek Thanks for the report, fixed in 4a26707. Will be in the v0.8.10 release.

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