Feature request: Changing the default install path for Windows node.js #3105

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I'd prefer to install node.js to c:\nodejs rather than c:\program files\nodejs on Windows as I don't like spaces in the path names. Sooner or later they bite.

Currently the installer installs it to c:\program files\nodejs right away without prompting where I'd like to install it. A dialog that asks for the install path would be nice.

This is related to (or possibly a duplicate of) #2279.


piscisaureus commented Apr 26, 2012


japj commented Jun 3, 2012

with 9434487 it is now possible to write:

node-v0.7.10-x86.msi APPLICATIONROOTDIRECTORY=c:\node.js

but we might want to change APPLICATIONROOTDIRECTORY to something slightly shorter and then document it ;)

note that it is not (yet) possible to change the destination install path from the installer ui

This has been fixed in v0.10, to quote #2279

This is possible since node v0.10.0. Changing the path via a command line option is also possible; the command line option to use is INSTALLDIR=c:\path\to\node.

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