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Windows 7 x64 installation is performed into "C:\Program Files (x86)\" #3312

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egorse commented May 24, 2012

When installing node 0.6.18 x64 on Windows 7 x64 had found that installation is done into "C:\Program Files (x86)" - but expected to have it at "C:\Program Files"

Because node for windows by default compiled for Intel i386 arch
How to check:

  1. Load PE Editor for Windows
  2. Open node.exe executable
  3. File Header > Machine > [...] > Machine Type
    By default you can see - Intel i386, then location must be "C:\Program files (x86)", for REAL x86-64 Machine type Must be - Intel 64 or AMD 64

If you want node for x86-64 You must manually compile it from source code. (I'm recommended with Visual Studio 2010)

P.S. may-be you download non-64 version from here -
UPD: node 0.7.8 for x86-64 - - Machine Type - AMD 64

to @egorse use msiexec admin install option for install product in specifed directory, more information about it in MSDN

mattness pushed a commit to mattness/node that referenced this issue Jun 1, 2012

Matt Gollob
Address issue #3312
1. Add step in configure script to generate config.wxi preprocessor include
for WiX installer (on windows only).
2. Update nodemsi.sln and .wixproj to include support for x64 platform
3. Update product.wxs:
     - add preprocessor directive to include config.wxi generated by the
       configure script.
     - update the Id value for the "Program Files" Directory element to
       use the preprocessor variable in config.wxi to correctly select
       either ProgramFilesFolder or ProgramFiles64Folder.
     - remove hard-coded platform from the Package element.  MSI platform
       will be automatically detected based on MSBuild's Platform property.
       (This was already supported in the Wix MSBuild targets, we just weren't
       taking advantage of it.)
4. Update vcbuild.bat to set MSBuild's Platform property appropriately,
defaulting to x86 if not explicitly supplied by the user. Note that creating
an x64 build requires that vcbuild.bat be run from a VS 64-bit command prompt.
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