require('path').delimiter - ";" on Windows, ":" on POSIX #3728

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This would reflect Python's os.pathsep, not to be confused with Python's os.sep or require('path').sep.

require('path').sep // returns '/' on my Debian
require('path').delimiter // it's undefined

Is this actual? What do you mean?


@langpavel I believe he's requesting that the delimiter property be added

@seanmonstar seanmonstar referenced this issue in shelljs/shelljs Sep 28, 2012

Cross-platform way to add to PATH #32


Sounds fine to me. Who wants to make the pull req? Should be a very short patch. Include docs and tests, please.


Should go on path, not os.

@serby serby added a commit to serby/node that referenced this issue Oct 1, 2012
@serby serby Platform specific path.delimiter as requested #3728 03d93af
@piscisaureus piscisaureus added a commit that closed this issue Oct 1, 2012
@serby serby path: add platform specific path delimiter
Closes #3728
Closes #4071
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