fs module could be better documented for Windows users #4038

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Jimb Esser was right to notice that ENOENT and other error codes are not mentioned in the current documentation of the fs module. If someone comes from Windows and sees ENOENT or other code for the first time in his life, then the code can easily be mistaken for libuv internal constant and without a clear idea of how exactly cross-platform it is.

My suggestion:

  • fs docs should mention err.code at least once

  • fs docs should contain a hyperlink to a complete and explained list of POSIX error codes

  • fs docs should mention that POSIX error codes are cross-platform

  • words like ftruncate(2) or fchmod(2) could be hyperlinks to some corresponding external man pages (there are many sites with man pages to choose from)



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We take patches. :-)

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What Ben said.


I am not ready to sign the CLA and would rather wait for some other documentation writer to appear.

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@Mithgol Why not?


You know, there's a proverb about coding as if the next guy to maintain your code is a homicidal maniac who knows where you live.

I do not have a PO box, so signing the CLA (which requires mailing address to be told) would be telling exactly where I live. In real life.

And who knows how public that data would become eventually. There's no “privacy policy” hyperlink there, but there's enough sign to suggest that after signing the CLA electronically my mailing address would be instantly given to Google, i.e. one of the greatest data collectors in the modern history of the mankind.


@Mithgol If you are so scary, I can steal your code giving my own neck on the butcher chopping block.
So, if any judgment instance anywhere gives you my neck, please chop my head out :-)


Though I have forked @langpavel's fork of Node, apparently I haven't enough free time to scan the markdown code of Node's docs in 10 months.

I do not care any longer, so I am going to abandon this problem, to close this issue, to kill my fork.

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