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In commit 790d651 was added the 'end' event due issue #3855. It was renamed later to 'finish' in 836a06f but documentation was deleted instead of modifed.

It should be:

### Event: 'finish'

`function () { }`

Emitted when the response has been sent. More specifically, this event is
emitted when the last segment of the response headers and body have been
handed off to the operating system for transmission over the network. It
does not imply that the client has received anything yet.

After this event, no more events will be emitted on the response object.

I don't submit this as a pull request because I don't know in which branch node.js developers prefer to add these kind of modifications (newcomers info doesn't say a word and there are lots of branches).

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I added a CONTRIBUTING.md in acc085e - you can be the first to review it. :-)

This particular change should go into the master branch because that feature never landed in v0.8. I'd land it as-is but with all the streams2 changes, it's probably best if @isaacs reviews it first and he's gone for a few days.


Thanks @bnoordhuis, that was fast! I reviewed the CONTRIBUTING.md and it is a good starter.


Any new about this? Thanks!


Most likely, @bnoordhuis was indirectly telling you to make a pull request according to that CONTRIBUTING.md file.


The above pull request has added this event to the documentation. This issue can be closed.

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Thank you!

@indutny indutny closed this Feb 2, 2014
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