node-v0.8.16-x86.msi install failed #4516

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I can't install node-v0.8.16-x86.msi. Each time at the end of installation I get message "Node.js Setup Wizard ended prematurely".


bnoordhuis commented Jan 4, 2013

Do older versions work? What Windows version is it? If you have other details that may be relevant, please post them.

I am Windows 7.
Sorry for have no more detail ,because the .msi rollback auto.
And I got node.exe from '', installed by manual OK.

Niggler commented Jan 9, 2013

@xing-kenny did you try

@bnoordhuis any reason why the x64 version for windows is in the x64 subdirectory (whereas the linux and osx versions reside in the base directory?

I also faced the same problem a month back when I tried to install node at home. The installer installs all files in the directory and then roll backs automatically.
Had to download node.exe and manually install npm.

System windows 7 32 Bit.

Same here on a Windows 7 32 bit machine with 0.8.17-x86.msi. On another 64 bit machine,the 0.8.17-x64.msi worked fine.

sblom commented Jan 22, 2013

Can one of you with the failure please run msiexec /log installer.log /i node-v0.8.16-x86.msi and share installer.log as, say, a gist?

Windows 7 starter (russian version)
looks like problems with WelcomeDlg:

Action 23:13:12: LicenseAgreementDlg. Dialog created
Action 23:13:14: PrepareDlg. Dialog created
DEBUG: Error 2726: Action not found: WelcomeDlg
The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2726. The arguments are: WelcomeDlg, ,
Action ended 23:13:14: WelcomeDlg. Return value 0.

I've made some regression
node-v0.7.0.msi - installed ok
node-v0.7.6.msi - installed ok
node-v0.7.8.msi - installed ok
node-v0.7.10.msi - installed ok
node-v0.7.11-x86.msi - failed
node-v0.7.12-x86.msi - failed
node-v0.8.0-x86.msi - failed

sblom commented Feb 23, 2013

Thanks for the details. I'll look into this.

M4DIC commented Aug 24, 2013

Hi, any news on this? Got stuck too...

Win7/32 + node-v0.10.17-x86.msi = 'Node.js Setup Wizard ended prematurely...'

Mithgol commented Aug 24, 2013

Until this issue is fixed, the workaround is installing Node.js manually.

sdussaut commented Oct 7, 2013

You can also uncheck "Online documentation shortcuts" during installation, and it will work auto-magically :-)
(Mine was failing with Node 0.10.x and this solved it).

@sdussaut you're a genius. Cheers.

@rak111esh How you install it manually?

By installing it manually, I meant keeping it in the same folder as Node.exe and changing environment variable NODE_PATH to whatever npm's root directory is.

Mithgol commented Nov 7, 2013

Changing NODE_PATH is not necessary as long as PATH contains the directory where Node.js and npm reside.

unchecking the "Online documentation shortcuts" during installation made it work on every computer it was failing on.
thanks so much @sdussaut!

ddirks commented Nov 13, 2013

Same problem on a Windows 7 x64 system; unchecking "Online documentation shortcuts" allowed the installer to finish. Thanks!

@deansimcox @gstocker75 @ddirks You're welcome :-)

24367dfa commented Dec 4, 2013

@sdussaut another thank you 👍

@ddirks thanks. but i uncheck "Node.js runtime > Event tracing (ETW)"

Rolling this into #4516.

EDIT: whoops, I mean #3620. Mia culpa!


I am unable to install msi file. I tried unchecking creating online documentation but still facing the same issue of rolling back. Can any one help me?

@coverjiju Which version of node are you trying to install, on which Windows version?

I tried to install node-v0.10.33-x86.msi in windows7. I got fixed this issue by changing the registry file properties and rebooting the system. Type Regedt32.exe in run and then followed these steps.(HKLM -> SOFTWARE -> Policies -> Microsoft -> Windows -> installer. After clicking installer there is a property DisableMSI. By default this value is 0. I have changed it to 1. and restarted the system.

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Can't install on Windows 7 #117

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