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Feature Request: Create an alternative to require function so it doesnt cache. #46

pasviegas opened this Issue Jan 12, 2010 · 12 comments


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Require function always cache, so it makes hot code swap very lousy. Would be interesting to have an alternative to this behavior so changes that you make on the code are deployed instantly.

What difference it would make? I am thinking about somethin like the from

Anyway, I think my code wouldnt be reloaded because it would get the function from the cached module, not my new one. But I will try.

pasviegas: you're right, even if you wrap the code in a function it will still be cached. And felixge is indeed working on a that addresses this very issue. As far as I know his code is still very beta at the moment!

But it is coming...

Hehe, yeah, thats why I'm posting here, so ( i hope) this feature goes into the master branch.

Voting for this too.

yes "" will be excellent

kalloc commented Feb 3, 2010

very good feature :) - it is not restart - it is alternative require function. it is more like erlang behavior

ry commented Dec 14, 2010

liveedit and or process restart. closing.

is there a live edit like in jit debug, so i can edit the source code and after it it will preserve closure passed variables?

Can someone specify what the reason for closing this issue was?

This issue was closed.

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