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I am trying to get Microsofts TypeScript (npm module) to work with my editor Notepad++. But the output passed to the editors output window is truncated. I had a Notepad Plugin developer look into it, saying that Notepad is displaying everything it gets. The issue is documented here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/npp-plugins/forums/forum/672146/topic/5909883

Please point me to a solution how to display all output to my editors console.


I'm afraid I'm not following. What makes you think it's a bug in node.js?

indutny commented Jan 22, 2013

@bnoordhuis I read thread here is the message to @piscisaureus : Here is one suggestion: NODE.JS should force fflush() after each its output. Otherwise Windows' pipes just keep the output data inside its internal buffer and do not make this data available until the buffer overflows or fflush() is forced by the outputting application.


Duplicate of #3871

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