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I'm not sure what's causing it but it works in d8 and it doesn't in node.

$ cat tmp/test.js 
// Flags: --expose-debug-as=debug

Debug = debug.Debug;
Debug.setListener(typeof print === 'function' && print || console.log);

function f() {
  x = 42;

Debug.setBreakPoint(f, 0, 0);

$ deps/v8/out/x64.debug/d8 --expose-debug-as=debug tmp/test.js
1 [object Object] [object Object] undefined

$ out/Debug/node --expose-debug-as=debug tmp/test.js
# <no output>

The debug object is there but the breakpoint never hits. Works in v0.8, broken in v0.10 and master.

@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis was assigned Mar 28, 2013

It works with --expose-debug-as v8debug - there's a hack in lib/module.js that checks for that object and adjusts accordingly...

EDIT: Turns out that's not it. It's a timing issue in V8 itself. It works when you insert a 1 ms delay before the call to Debug.setBreakPoint().


Closing, works reliably in master now provided you name it v8debug. Not sure if it was fixed in V8 or through something on our side and I don't feel like running git bisect over seven months of development history.

$ out/Release/node --expose-debug-as=v8debug tmp/issue5165.js
1 { break_id: 2, selected_frame: 0 } { exec_state_: { break_id: 2, selected_frame: 0 },
   [ { source_position_: 205,
       script_break_point_: [Object],
       hit_count_: 1,
       active_: true,
       condition_: null,
       ignoreCount_: 0,
       actual_location: [Object] } ] } undefined
@bnoordhuis bnoordhuis closed this Oct 10, 2013
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