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fs.readSync(0, new Buffer(0), 0, 0, 0) throws Error: Offset is out of bounds #5685

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Reading 0 bytes into a 0 sized buffer should be a no-op to make it more like read(2):

If count is zero, read() returns zero and has no other results.


fs.readSync(0, new Buffer(1), 0, 0, 0) fails with Error: ESPIPE, invalid seek on stdin, but a real empty file works and returns 0.


Just hit this issue as well.


Some notes: has the same issue. fs.write and fs.writeSync explicitly check for length 0 and do an early return. is the POSIX read spec.

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Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
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@isaacs isaacs fs: no-op on 0 byte read() calls e52c590

Working as intended. Please see discussion in #5888.

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Ah, ok, so the issue in the OP is still an issue, though.

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Yeah, so:

  • If we want to support being able to get errors out of read(0), then we can implement that (but you currently can't do that). When I first looked at the code in, I thought that you could just remove the (off >= buffer_length) check (and rely purely on the (off + len > buffer_length) check). But that might run into integer overflow issues, and admittedly the error message is better. Perhaps just change the check to (off > buffer_length)? The idea here would be, it's OK for the block we're trying to read to start anywhere in the buffer, including at the end.

  • If we don't want to support that, then the length > 0 check in read is fine.


That sounds right to me, but I just try not to make assertions about safety in the face of overflow without thinking very carefully :)

@vStone vStone referenced this issue in rlidwka/sinopia-htpasswd

Offset is out of bounds with an empty htpasswd file #2


@trevnorris ... any further thoughts on this one?


@jasnell If it hasn't been fixed yet then should be easy to do. Just need to change the range checks, and return early if the operation is a noop.

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