test-tls-client-destroy-soon error #5692

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=== release test-tls-client-destroy-soon ===
Path: simple/test-tls-client-destroy-soon
throw new assert.AssertionError({
AssertionError: 2097152 == 2080768
at process. (/root/node-v0.10.11/test/simple/test-tls-client-destroy-soon.js:74:10)
at process.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:117:20)
Command: out/Release/node /root/node-v0.10.11/test/simple/test-tls-client-destroy-soon.js


Can you provide more detail, like the OS and if it always fails for you? Does it fail when you run it standalone, as in out/Release/node test/simple/test-tls-client-destroy-soon.js?

isaacs commented Jun 14, 2013

I suspect this may be a dupe of #5688.

@marcelaraujo Does this patch fix it for you? https://gist.github.com/isaacs/5785747


Tested on Centos 6.4 64bits.

I gonna patch my source and try again.



@isaacs Your patch solved this issue.


fixed in 3c7945b

@tjfontaine tjfontaine closed this Jul 27, 2013
@tjfontaine tjfontaine reopened this Jul 27, 2013
kapouer commented Jul 29, 2013

Randomly, like 1 over 30 times, reproducing the exact same (even the number of bytes) test failure on node 0.10.13 (linux, amd64).


@kapouer I couldn't reproduce the issue with the current tip of node's v0.10 branch. Closing as they haven't been any activity for a while, but feel free to reopen if you think it's still a problem. Thank you!

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