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Math.pow crashes on machines without SSE2 (V8 issue #6736006) #829

orospakr opened this Issue Mar 25, 2011 · 7 comments


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bminer commented Jul 8, 2011

Confirmed on Node 0.4.9 on Ubuntu Natty i386. Please fix this. ;(

japj commented Jul 9, 2011

@ry it seems this bugfix has landed in the v8 3.1 tree at
Updating v8 to in the node 0.4 tree should solve this issue.

japj commented Jul 10, 2011

@ry this issue is solved in the master tree, but as stated above not yet in the 0.4 branch

japj commented Jul 16, 2011

can we try to get v8 in node v0.4.10?

koichik commented Jul 16, 2011

I think so. @ry usually 'upgrade V8' before 'Bump to v0.4.x'.


bnoordhuis commented Jul 16, 2011

Cherry-picked patch from upstream into the v0.4 branch so this will be fixed in v0.4.10.

I've tested it on i386 freebsd. If someone can confirm that it works on i386 linux too, that'd be awesome.

bminer commented Jul 23, 2011

Node 0.4.10 working on i386 Ubuntu Natty Linux. Thanks again to everyone working quickly to get this resolved!

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