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Error Compiling Armv6 (Raspberry Pi B+) #9163

nathanjohnson320 opened this Issue Feb 8, 2015 · 6 comments


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nathanjohnson320 commented Feb 8, 2015

Tried compiling version 0.12.0 and get this error:

  flock /home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out/Release/linker.lock g++ -pthread -rdynamic  -o /home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node
/node-0.12.0/out/Release/mksnapshot -Wl,--start-group /home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out/Release/
eps/v8/src/mksnapshot.o /home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out/Release/ /home/pi/no
de_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out/Release/ /home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12
.0/out/Release/ /home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out/Release/
ps/v8/tools/gyp/libv8_libbase.a -Wl,--end-group -lrt
  LINK(target) /home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out/Release/mksnapshot: Finished
  touch /home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out/Release/
ease/$LD_LIBRARY_PATH; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH; cd ../deps/v8/tools/gyp; mkdir -p /home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12
.0/out/Release/; "/home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out/Release/mksnapshot" --log-snapshot-posit
ions --logfile "/home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out/Release/" "/home/pi/node_arm/
Illegal instruction
deps/v8/tools/gyp/ recipe for target '/home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out/Release/
snapshot/geni/' failed
make[1]: *** [/home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out/Release/] Error 132
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/pi/node_arm/scripts/node/node-0.12.0/out'
Makefile:45: recipe for target 'node' failed
make: *** [node] Error 2

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misterdjules commented Feb 9, 2015

How did you build node? More specifically, what options did you pass to configure? The configure script creates a config.gypi file at the root of the source directory that contains all configuration options. Could you please paste the content of this file in this issue?

If you didn't disable V8 snapshots with configure --without-snapshot, could you please try to run ./configure --without-snapshot, build node and let us know if it built successfully?


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nathanjohnson320 commented Feb 9, 2015

I did ./configure without args. I'll try again with the no snapshot setting.


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fivdi commented Feb 9, 2015

The same issue was fixed recently in io.js. In additon to the --without-snapshot option two changes were required; bnoordhuis/io.js@8afcc5e and bnoordhuis/io.js@6f74942.

See Getting 'illegal instruction' error on armv6.


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nathanjohnson320 commented Feb 10, 2015

Yep those changes fixed it for me. Thanks fivdi


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wilson0x4d commented Feb 10, 2015

#9068 - pull request for nodejs, though part of the problem is in v8, and not node itself.


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Fishrock123 commented Dec 22, 2016

RPI B+ are now in the Node.js CI for 4.x+, try using a newer version if you have not already.

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