sending SIGINT or EOF gives unexpected results in node REPL #955

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For example, in python:

Typing some code then pressing ctrl-c (SIGINT):
>>> some code
Now pressing ctrl-d (EOF) on the empty line will exit the interpreter.

This behaviour is the same in any shell I've used, and many other interpreters and Linux programs that read from standard input. It causes confusion and annoyance for me when I want to quit the REPL, so I press ctrl-c to get to an empty line, then ctrl-d to quit the program (out of habit)... but actually node exits as soon as I press ctrl-c, and then ctrl-d closes my shell.

Sorry if this has already been discussed.

isaacs commented Apr 20, 2011

I'm +1 to this. ^C should be "break" only, and not "exit", imo.

@ry how do you feel about this?

ry commented Apr 20, 2011

i'm for it

Yes! I was just thinking this exact thing the other day

isaacs closed this in 0b3ecc0 Apr 21, 2011

jnjackins reopened this Apr 26, 2011

This seems to work now, but I think I found a bug:

$ node
> user = require('./user');

  console.log(User(email, pw);
... ^C$ (REPL has exited and I'm back at my shell)

I'm trying to require a module which has a syntax error it. It shows the error message and an ellipses (...). If I press enter, the error message is displayed again. If I press ^D, the REPL exits (this is somewhat unexpected since I'm not on an empty input line). If I press ^C, the REPL exits. I tried reproducing this by typing only the syntactically wrong line of code (without doing a require) but in that case things seemed to work properly.

further, just doing this:

> require('./mylocalmodule');

results in more weird behavior. On the input line that comes up after that require statement, ^D does nothing and ^C exists the program.

ok, so I tried this with a few different local modules, and the problem in my latter comment doesn't occur for all local modules, but I can reproduce it by requiring a file containing this:

var redis = require('redis'),
    client = redis.createClient();

exports.getUser = function (email, callback) {
  client.get(email, callback);

after requiring this module, typing something and then pressing ^C actually does works as expected. However, pressing ^D seems to cause the REPL to hang, so that it isn't catching any subsequent SIGINTs. That's why ^C was closing the program in my comment above, I was pressing ^D first.

EDIT: the first problem doesn't seem to be related to the second problem, I can reproduce the first problem when requiring a file which doesn't have the second problem.

sh1mmer commented Oct 24, 2011

@jnjackins please create a new bug for the second problem rather than reopening a fixed issue.

bnoordhuis closed this Mar 27, 2012

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